Kampot, Cambodia

Where do I begin about this beautiful place?

 Kampot is near the southern coast of the country, near a large river. It is famous for its pepper production, as in peppercorn. Kep is a nearby seaside town, known for its delicious crabs. Yesterday we took our motorbike to Kep to sit by the beach and feasted on a combination of the two local delicacies. 

Crabs in green pepper sauce, shredded mango salad with shrimp, and sautéed morning glory.

Our priciest meal of this whole trip, this feast cost us a total of $17. As we ate, we enjoyed this view:

Kampot has so many amazing things to do, which is why we decided to stay here the entire week instead of moving around. I prefer to travel this way anyways because it enables you to get familiar with the place as a whole, beyond just seeing the sights listed in the guidebook. Of course, we did those things too!

We motorbiked up Bokor National Park, after paying the .50 cent entry fee. It took us probably over an hour to get to the very top, and the hairpin turns made me a little nervous, but it wasn’t as bad as other websites had made it seem. At the top is a ridiculous Chinese-owned resort and casino in gaudy shades of yellow. Seemingly deserted, the casino and surrounding housing/hotels were still being constructed for some reason. We were there to see the abandoned and dilapidated casino leftover from when the French were in Cambodia. I had seen it on Instagram and had been dying to visit, and it did not disappoint.

Notice the faint outline of a man’s head above the fireplace?

Aside from this casino, there is also a Catholic Church and several other abandoned buildings on the mountain. My favorites were the ones with graffiti.

Also at the top is a stupa dedicated to Leay Mao, which is just gorgeous.

One of my favorite things about traveling is the conversations I’ve had with fellow travelers. There was the British couple taking a year off to travel in Asia who lived on $30/day, the lovely Polish woman who had been living in Southeast Asia for 12 years trying to figure out her next move, the American chick-lit writer and her partner the Australian IT guy roaming around for a few months, the adorable gay couple from France who were ridiculously in love with each other and their adopted son from Africa, and the Australian solo traveler who had visited Boston and found everyone to be really friendly (huh?!). Everyone has a different but similar story. A lot of people are doing what I am doing. Gap years, sabbaticals, and extended holidays are common almost everywhere except for the U.S., it seems.

Our stay in Cambodia is almost over, and I’d be ridiculously sad if it weren’t for the fact that I’m coming back in a few weeks! I can’t wait to return to this country that I love so much.


3 thoughts on “Kampot, Cambodia

  1. How strange that it’s all abandoned. Do you know why? Reminds me a bit of the new MV Museum building. Similar level of fascinating creepiness.

    That meal looks so amazing.

    Love the graffiti, too!!


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