Reunited and it feels so good

Our bags arrived in Kampot today! We went to get them at a bus station, but it turns out there are three bus stations all in the same area, so we asked at every station before we saw our bags sitting outside the last one. After signing my name in a notebook- very official- we lugged our bags into the nearest tuk tuk.

I’ve taken out all my things from my bag so I can look at them all. I’ve changed my clothes three times. I’ve taken a really long shower and used all my beauty products. It’s a glorious feeling after being without your backpack for five days!

I’ve also been thinking about what it meant to not have my luggage. I spent months packing all the right things for this trip: fine-tuning my outfits, preparing a well-rounded first aid kit, and buying all the supplies I thought I’d need. But when it came down to it, I traveled across the world and ended up in a foreign land without any of those things. And I survived! The white shirt I bought in the market for $8 is now tinted orange, and the blue pants have a hole in them, but in the end it didn’t really matter what I had packed. 

This is especially important for me to learn because I am someone who likes to be prepared. I spent every spare moment in the past few months preparing for this trip, trying to have a backup plan for anything that could possibly go wrong, but I couldn’t plan for this. As someone who likes to be in control, this was hard for me. The thing about traveling is, though, you can’t possibly prepare for everything! You have to learn to go with the flow. So thanks for teaching me my first lesson, Cathay Pacific! Just don’t do it again…

My outfit for the past five days…

It feels really good to have my bag back; on one hand I feel like I can started enjoying this trip now, having spent the first week in limbo without luggage. But on the other hand I feel like my backpack is way, way too heavy and I could get rid of half of what’s in there. Guess I better start eating my stash of emergency beef jerky!


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